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North 2023 Mode
North Wing: 2023 Mode | wing foil
North Wing: 2023 Mode | wing foil
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North 2023 Mode

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Introducing the 2023 North Mode, a cutting-edge high-speed performance wing engineered to revolutionise your riding experience. Designed with N-Weave woven fiber technology, this wing offers unrivaled efficiency, power delivery, and explosive performance for freestyle tricks.

Features of the 2023 North Mode Wing
a)Efficient N-Weave Technology
The Mode incorporates N-Weave woven fiber technology, delivering a remarkable 3x stiffer and 40% lighter than traditional leading-edge materials. This innovation reduces structural deflection, channeling wind energy into superior forward speed, explosive boost, and extended hang time for impressive freestyle manoeuvres.

b)VMG-Optimised Design: Sail closer to the wind and reach your destination faster with the Mode's fast, VMG-optimised design. It allows for higher upwind angles, minimising the need for frequent tacking or gybing, ensuring you hit the mark in record time.

c)Versatile Performance: While primarily designed for high-speed performance, the stiffer airframe of the Mode also translates into unprecedented loft for higher jumps and exceptional forward momentum on landings. Enjoy incredible high-end stability, with the 4.2m and 5.5m options ideal for stronger winds, while the 7m is optimised for greater power in lighter air conditions.

d)Enhanced Stability and Durability:
The Mode features a balanced lower aspect ratio with rounded wingtips to reduce tip strikes, while the new panel layout enhances wingtip stability and increases tension under load. Experience immediate response with rigid GripLock micro-trim control handles, and keep a close eye on your opponents with the new race-window positioning.

e)Suitable for All Skill Levels:
The Hydrofoil Shop proudly recommends the Mode not only for expert riders but also for beginners and intermediates. Its predictability and user-friendliness provide room for mistakes without consequences, and its lightweight design facilitates the learning process. Crafted with bomb-proof materials, the Mode is a favourite wing for riders of all levels in 2023. Unleash the full potential of high-speed performance with the 2023 North Mode wing, your gateway to unmatched efficiency and power on the water.
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