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North Sonar SF Surf Front Wings
North Foil: Sonar SF Surf Front Wing | wing foil
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North Sonar SF Surf Front Wings

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The North Sonar Surf Series has been meticulously designed to offer exceptional performance in terms of low stall speeds, effortless pumping, and surf-style carving. It caters to riders who seek more from both surf and downwind swells, whether they are using a wing or not.

The foil's remarkable insensitivity to changes in the angle of attack means that you don't have to be an expert or possess flawless pumping technique to enjoy its benefits. The perfect balance between roll stability and maneuverability instills confidence during pumping and take-offs, while also enabling you to execute powerful rail-to-rail carves. You can push the limits, perform lip stalls, and execute banking turns without worrying about tip ventilation. The reduced distance between the mast and front wing allows for faster and tighter pivoting turns. We have maintained a similar span across the three sizes, ensuring a consistent ride feel throughout the entire range. The SF model offers a frictionless glide sensation at slower speeds, while remaining highly responsive and agile. Its intuitive recovery enhances your experience whether you're wakesurfing, prone-surfing, wing-surfing, pumping, or mastering the art of downwind riding. The Sonar SF Series truly encompasses it all, providing a harmonious connection with the water.

The SF1230 is the ideal foil for beginners and heavier guys while the SF1080 is a progression foil and the SF930, SF830 and the SF680 is suitable for intermediate to expert riders.

For best performance we suggest to combine these three foils with the following tails: S185, S215 and S178