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North 2024 Mode ULTRA Wing

North 2024 Mode ULTRA Wing

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The Mode Ultra is Incredibly powerful, Incredibly Light, and Unbelievably fast !

At North, we comprehend the racer’s unyielding pursuit of speed and the desire to be “the fastest.” We also acknowledge that high-intensity, high-speed wingfoiling demands more than just technical skill and courage. The rider and equipment must react to speed and acceleration in split seconds. They must anticipate the movements of other riders, the wind, and the water, have faith in their abilities, and make swift decisions. Confidence is essential when foiling at speeds exceeding 55km/h.

The engineers at North have meticulously adjusted the Mode Ultra to align with a racer’s instincts and intelligence. The stability and structure of the N-Weave45 Airframe with anti-deflection Carbon UDi Tapes and N-Xi canopy are crucial for withstanding deformation. The rigidity results in an incredibly responsive, direct sensation and unparalleled control at high speeds.

The Mode Ultra is optimized for VMG, allowing for sailing closer to the wind at higher upwind angles. Its design with a higher aspect ratio, thin, low-drag profile, and flatter dihedral creates forward thrust, lift, and stability at a higher apparent wind speed. The stiff airframe and canopy combination enhances low-end performance to maintain speed through lulls. We have fine-tuned the design to enable you to use a larger wing and ride in the upper range, with the assurance that the wing can efficiently depower when necessary, while still maintaining the sail area required for downwind sailing when the apparent wind speed decreases.

North is passionate about racing because it challenges and motivates us to flirt with danger, push our mental and physical limits, and achieve what was once deemed impossible. The Mode Ultra. Incredibly powerful. Unbelievably fast.

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