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Lift Entry Package: Surf V2 Series Complete foil
Lift Entry Package: Surf V2 Series Complete foil
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Lift Entry Package: Surf V2 Series Complete foil

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Introducing the Lift Surf Series foil complete. We have collaborated with Lift Australia to give you the best performance product at an unbeatable price. Crafted from premium full carbon materials, this hydrofoil redefines the entry-level experience by combining high-end performance with an unbeatable price point.
Key Features:

Full Carbon Construction: The Surf V2 foil boasts a full carbon construction, making it exceptionally lightweight, durable, and responsive. This advanced material ensures superior strength-to-weight ratio for optimal performance on the water.

Precision Engineering:  Lift foils are meticulously engineered for stability and control. The streamlined design minimizes drag and enhances lift, allowing you to effortlessly glide above the water's surface.

User-Friendly: Perfect for beginners and intermediate riders, the Surf V2 series is tied and tested. It's been getting surfers their first experience of flying and connecting their first waves time and time again. It offers an intuitive learning curve but will see you progress well into the advanced stage.

Unbeatable Price: We believe in making hydrofoiling accessible to everyone. With our unbeatable pricing, you can enjoy the luxury of a full carbon hydrofoil without breaking the bank.

Versatility: Whether you're into prone foiling, wingfoiling or stand-up paddleboarding, the Lift Surf V2 is designed to accommodate various water sports disciplines. It's a versatile companion for riders of all skill levels.

Easy Assembly: Setting up your lift foil is a breeze. All lift parts are interchangeable so you can swap any part of the foil as you progress over the years.

Dazzling Design:  Lift is a premium brand. They have been designing foils from the very beginning of the sport. The quality and performance of these foils are unrivalled. You simply won't find a better hydrofoil to start your journey. 

Lift’s Surf Series V2 "mid-aspect" lineup has been carefully crafted for   efficiency, balance and versatility.

Experience the balance for yourself.