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The new E3 range has been meticulously crafted to enhance early lift off by improving the hull's efficiency. This was achieved by elongating the subsurface footprint and removing all horizontal edges that cause drag at sub planning speeds.

The journey that led to this point began after the release of the E2 range when Dave Kalama delved into the pursuit of downwind prone foiling without a paddle or ski, solely relying on the wind, a board, and a foil. While this form of foiling is unique and suited for a select group of board riders in specific locations like the north shore of Maui, the process mirrors the moon landing in that the real value lies in the technological advancements made along the way.

Similar to the moon landing, Dave's quest to make downwind prone foil boarding a reality prompted a focus on board efficiency. Through numerous prototypes and learning experiences on the water, a new line of boards has emerged, benefiting directly from this journey. The E3 line of foiling boards incorporates all the knowledge gained, featuring inherent design elements such as the Tip to Tail (T2T) dynamic hull design, a foiled subsurface outline for increased acceleration, and chine rails for early lift-off and reduced drag.

Inherent design features of the E3 Kalama Performance designs.

Tip to Tail (T2T) dynamic hull design
The hull is designed to minimize drag from horizontal edges at sub planning speeds.
Foiled subsurface outline to increase initial acceleration.
Progressive vertical bottom edge to promote early lift-off.
Progressive chine towards the tail reduces drag at lift-off.
Chine rails
Promote early lift-off.
Reduce drag on touch downs.
Allow sharper turn angles without touching the water.
Rounded and soft nose edges
Greater level of efficiency at sub planning speeds.
Early lift off through greater acceleration at initiation of take-off.
High Volume Designs
Higher paddling efficiency
Earlier lift off through higher buoyancy
Increase stability to width ratio

E3 Foil Wing/Prone/Downwind/Sup Surf Foil

These boards are a breakthrough in prone foil surf and foil downwind. They are also very suitable for Wing sailing & sup foiling

The boards come in 6 sizes. 5’3”, 5’9”, 6’1”, 6’5”. These boards are longer but narrower than the E2 prone foil boards. The additional length promotes wave catching and downwind bump hunting. Kind of like the longboards (or mid length shortboards) of prone foiling.

Available in Blue or Orange:

6’1”x 23”- 105L (Blue)
6’5”x 23.5”- 116L (Orange)