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Armstrong S1 Foil Kit Alloy Complete

Armstrong S1 Foil Kit Alloy Complete

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The Step 1 (S1) foil range redefines the way we approach learning to foil by offering exceptional stability, a low flying speed, and an intuitive feel. This makes it easier for beginners to enter the world of foiling with confidence and forgiveness.

Pitch, roll, and yaw stability are crucial for mastering foiling techniques. The S1 design ensures a high level of predictability, resembling an autopilot, through a combination of leading and trailing edge sweep, chord length, and foil section geometry. This creates a user-friendly platform for newcomers to learn various foiling disciplines.

The S1 foils are designed to fly at a low speed with excellent controllability, allowing riders to practice maneuvers with reduced risk and a smoother learning curve. In case of overpowering, the foil minimizes breaching and tends to return to the surface on its own. With exceptional speed and ventilation handling, riders can enjoy a wide usable speed range in each size. Additionally, downturned wingtips enhance safety.

Each kit includes a 72cm Alloy mast, 75cm Alloy fuselage, S1 300 stabilizer, and a kit bag for convenience.

An ideal platform for beginners to learn different foiling disciplines with ease. Offers excellent stability, low speed lift, and ventilation recovery. Incorporates leading and trailing edge sweep for stability and reduced breaching. Downturned wingtips enhance safety and water flow efficiency. Features the proprietary Armstrong A+ System foil connection design for superior stiffness, durability, and modularity. The S1 300 stabilizer complements the S1 foils for optimal learning experience.

Technical Specifications:
S1 Front foil sizes: 1250, 1550, 1850, 2450cm2
Kit includes: 72cm Alloy mast, 75cm Alloy fuselage, S1 300 stabilizer, kit bag

Comes with a protective cover.