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Armstrong 2024 A-Wing XPS Lightwind Wing
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Armstrong 2024 A-Wing XPS Lightwind Wing

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A Revolutionary light wind winging performance wing for riders of all levels.

Transforming the light wind wing experience
Wingfoiling in light breezes is a truly enchanting activity that alters your perception of wind and water. Seize every opportunity to hit the water, regardless of how gentle the forecast may be, with the groundbreaking A-Wing XPS Lightwind. This wing delivers an exceptional performance even in the slightest gusts, breaking free from the constraints of traditional "big wing" designs. It offers remarkable manoeuvrability and an engaging ride, while remaining lightweight and perfectly balanced. Flying this wing is an obvious choice for riders of all skill levels. It sets a new standard for light wind enjoyment, without a doubt.

The Power Batten
One of the main challenges in designing wings, especially larger ones, is ensuring that they maintain their optimal shape while in use. Our exclusive carbon fiber Power Batten, positioned at the rear of the canopy and perpendicular to the strut, addresses this challenge. It maintains a precise airfoil profile along the entire length of the wing, from the leading to the trailing edge. This significantly enhances power generation at the center of the wing, thanks to highly efficient airflow. Additionally, it enables the wing's distinctive bat tail outline. With a narrower wingspan and reduced outboard weight, this wing offers superior balance, making it easier to pump up onto the foil. Overall, it feels smaller than other wings of similar size, providing a significant advantage on the water.

Cross Panel Sail Design
The innovative Cross Panel Sail (XPS) design creates a remarkable connection between the rider and the wing. By arranging the canopy panels at diagonal angles, this futuristic layout minimizes sail distortion, improves load distribution, and enhances frame rigidity. As a result, all XPS Lightwind sizes offer a direct and controlled feel, ensuring easy and comfortable flying. The removable carbon fiber battens reduce trailing edge flutter and allow for effortless canopy tuning to accommodate varying wind strengths.
Hybrid Carbon Handles
The exclusive Hybrid Carbon Handle (HCH) design features a sturdy carbon core and a cushioned exterior. Utilized in our XPS wings, this lightweight and extremely rigid combination provides optimal control and comfort. The ergonomic strut shape ensures the handles are positioned for enhanced endurance during your session. Additionally, the absence of sharp edges enhances impact safety for both you and your board.

- Airframe: Lightweight Dacron of new generation, reinforced with tried and tested polyester - Dacron and Ultra PE woven laminate reinforcements maintain the airfoil's precise shape while being light and stiff.
- Cross Panel Sail Design Canopy: Enhances canopy tension and load distribution for a direct feel when powered. Crafted from Teijin Technoforce D3 canopy material.
- Power Batten: Carbon fiber bar that boosts wing performance. Features extended UPE reinforcement, special stitching details, and double layer UPE end pockets. Replaceable.
- Trailing Edge Battens: Carbon fiber battens that reduce trailing edge flutter and can be removed for a customizable feel.
- Hybrid Carbon Handles: Carbon skeleton with a soft, padded exterior.
- Windows: TPU windows that are lightweight, ultra-clear, and foldable for easy packdown. Resistant to cold temperatures without cracking.

Sizes: 7m2 and 8m2.

Wind range: 7-15kts
Area: 7.0m2
Span: 357.5cm
Weight: TBC
Max PSI: 6

Wind range: 4-10kts
Area: 8.0m2
Span: 374.4cm
Weight: TBC
Max PSI: 6

Includes bag, spare battens and patch kit.